Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Daniel Merchan

Mixing Engineer & Sound Artist - Hugo Vejar


I make your Alternative Indie Music sound amazing. I specialize in alternative, indie,and progressive rock music. My job is to enhance your recordings and achieve your vision as an artist without losing its concept and essence.

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Recording Studio, Session Pian - Nino Cardella

Un giovane musicista sa creare qualcosa di nuovo

punk rap artist & songwriter - Skizzmynig

I write pop punk rap / alternative rock songs!!🎸💫 Hot flows and new melodies, lyrically gassing each track🔥⛽️ 📝🎙New Wave 🌊

More than mixing, we pimp song - Air Comme Rythme

What is more boring for an artist to sound like the neighbor, and the neighbor's neighbor? And what if you tried do get more personality in your creation? That's exactly the point, identity. You make music to get your voice heard, because your voice is different, our mission is to get it to the highest level with something they don't have.

Mastering Engineer - Luigi "D LEWIS" Di Filippo

Owner of Locomotore Recording Studio aka LRS FACTORY since 2000. Electronic Music Producer with 70 vinyls and more then 300 digital tracks released. More then 1000 mastering done!

Producer, Beat-Maker, Mixing - MOZΛRT

Brandon 'MOZΛRT' O'Sullivan delivers extravaganza of genres of beats. His best works have mindsets to it that melts people's heart and opens the doors wide of Hip Hop & R&B like different than ever before.

Ghost of Real Sound - DJ for3ver

You can hire me after a trial of your choice, I prefer to be unknown as much as possible and just want to do the job I'm best fit in. Here's another reason to hire me. I'll make sure that the amount you would pay me, 75% will be goes to charity for children fighting with HIV and Cancer.

Contemporary keyboards  - Sam McNally

I've been told I "can play anything". I don't say that, but I DO say I'm good at "getting it right" - adding the right sound and feel to a song, if left to my own devices. People trust me to bring them something good, something right. I've been doing what I do, for a long, long time. I love it, and I think people get that. Check my credits please.

Topliner - Jamarice Daughtry

25 years of top lining and songwriting experience.

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