Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Dorah Jacson

Producer, Mixing Engineer - Stonewax Productions

Want your recordings mixed? Experienced and tailored mixing packages are a click away!

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 - Rob Jackson

Mix Engineer with own treated mix room. Based in Lancashire, North West of England, UK

Record, Produce and Mix - John Whitt

Been recording and making music for 20 years. My first love is hip hop but most of the work I get comes via the singer songwriter category. Acoustic music if you will. I like it because it makes me more versatile.

Live sound mixer - Kent Margraves

I specialize in front-of-house mixing and audio training & education (www.kentmargraves.com).

Session Drummer and Producer - John Baldwin

With 16 years of drumming experience and nearly a decade of music production experience, I can provide the sound that you're looking for. I play and produce jazz, rock, funk, metal, and more.

produce, rap - layztheali

I make beats that meet the industry standard, I'm also a rapper so you can count on me when it comes to anything related to that. I have collaborated with multiple artists worldwide, check my socials if you want to take a listen!

Worship/CCM Electric Guitarist - JT Lopez

Professional electric guitarist. I have my Diploma in Ministry (Music) from Hillsong International Leadership College and have been on staff as Music Director at Church Unlimited for 4 years

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Top Shelf Audio

I am known for being one of the top mastering engineers in the UK and worldwide. I am trusted by many top artists and record labels to mix and master their releases. I specialize in dance music and EDM with genres such as house, techno, Dubste and DnB though am equally skilled in genres such as Rock, Funk, Hip Hop and RnB. All genres are welcome!

Producer/Songwriter/Engineer - GhosTrane

The GhosTrane has arrived at the station….All aboard! #musicismylife the name says a lot I like not being seen…but when you hear the skills…like a train you know I’m coming from somewhere!

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