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Pop/Alt Producer & Songwriter - Dream Club

Look no further if you're struggling to find the right producer for your style due to budget issues. I will tailor the perfect song to your liking at a budget-friendly cost! Contact me with any questions regarding production, songwriting, and mixing! As a fellow music artist, I understand the struggles. Let me help you!

Writter, Prod, Mix & Master - Evan Yoshino

Need a song written, produced, mixed or mastered? Contact me! Flexible pricing for all projects

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 - Adrian Deutsch

Producer, Mix Engineer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist

Home Studio Owner/Operator - JLP_AUDIO

My name is Jim Reynolds. I have been working in Engineering for about 1 1/2 years now. I studied under Andy Seagle at MCC in Arizona. My primary focus is hip hop.

Recording/Mixing Engineer - Dave Weir

My name is Dave, Mixing is where my passion lies and i i know it sounds cliche but i live and breathe mixing. I work at an Audio college where i teach recording and mixing techniques. When i finish work i generally head home, switch on my studio and start mixing and tinkering all over again. This is what my life revolves around!

Songwriter/Vocalist  - Lo of (PARADE)

Hey guys, my name is Lo. I am a Stellar award nominated artist/songwriter, and have be a part of writing teams for artist like Beyonce', Chris Brown and Rihanna to name a few. I've worked with producers like Reo, Shamtrax and Spec, all who have done work for top 10 artist. I have more than 10yrs experience, and am looking forward to collaborating.

CCO of HPR/Music Producer  - ILL TRILL NEIL

Multi Genre Lyricist Producer that is a DJ and Emcee.

Songwriter, producer. - Eva Ibáñez


Hola! Welcome to my page ♡ I´m Eva, Songwriter and producer signed by Warner Chapell. My strengths are Pop and Latin music in Spanish or Spanglish, offering infectious melodies, storytelling verses, hooks and full songs. I also work asa ghost songwriter, producer and beat maker.

music producer,sound design - bhadmari

Im studying audio engineering at a studio near my home and in two years I should graduate in "Sound Engineer".

Music Producer,  - Halen Bouhadana

I am a multi-instrumentalist, music producer, songwriter, audio engineer specializing in alternative, pop, indie, R&B, and rock. With 10 years experience, I remain goal-oriented in creating powerful, unique, well-produced songs for all of my artists.

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