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General production-Remote mix - Franco Fernandez

Hi, I'm a 23 y/o musician, composer and producer. I've got plenty of experience recording, editing and producing albums. I've also been playing the drums since I was 5, and have recorded many songs in the past few years - not only for my band, but for many artists internationally.

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Remote Music Mixing&Mastering - Bad Monkey Music Productions

My name is Will Ballesteros, music engineer, and owner of Bad Monkey Music Studio. As a classically trained pianist and keyboard player, I accidentally got into music production when I was tasked to make the backing tracks for my churches worship team. Since then I am obsessed over making music sound the best it possibly can.

Mixing/Mastering & Production - Supertouch

I have worked with Grammy-Winning Producer !llmind and some of New Yorks finest MC's. I'm extremely driven and passionate about your sonic visions and creative ideas towards the mixing/production process. My goal is to make that vision come true and stand out in the competitive music industry.

Songwriter and Producer - Face the Music

I'm a five-time Grammy nominated songwriter/producer and winner of ASCAP's Pop Songwriter of the Year.

Movement in Sound Mixing - Sam Barna

Music is all about the energy. My job isn't finished until you can't help but sing along to your own songs. I approach music from an artists' perspective, and use guitar pedals and outboard processing to create unique and immersive worlds for each song to live in.

Remote Mixing/Additional Prod - RDB Production

Producing is about the vibe - Mixing is about the emotion. - Multi-platinum and gold rewarded producer/mixengineer.

Music Producer & Songwriter - Olli Willand

Experienced music producer, looking to expand my horizons and collaborate with new artists. Let's bring your vision to life!

Mixing and Mastering - Andy Robinson

I have over 12 years experience working with some of the most exciting artists in pop, electronic and indie music. Splitting my career between studio and mixing and live touring, I've crafted my skills to provide high class, professional sounding mixes. I have worked in many of London's top studios and toured the planet many times.

Producer, Seasion Guitarist - Daniel Merkulov

I have 20 years of experience of producing music and songwriting. Have musical education, professional guitarist.

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