Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with EDRIS

Mobile Media Production Studio - glObl Mobile Studio

We make equipment, software and services available to professional and aspiring media producers. All aspects of music pre and post production as well as non linear video editing.

More providers:

One-stop Music Production - TuneGopher

TuneGopher is a music production service catering to solo artists. Think of us as Music Production Project Managers. You come to us and we put together a complete team and the resources needed for you to make great music.

Remote Mixing & Editing - DcentAudio

I am an Audio Engineer who strives to provide the best possible service to an artist, so that their art is represented with the utmost respect and articulation.

Recording / Mastering Studio - Tom (CDS) Moore

Studio Manager at CDS in Stoke Prior, Worcestershire.

dental care - Jakeslessor

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Music Artist, Publishing Owner - Blue Hunnit Boy

I have many Dreams I have many vision’s, I grew up loving HipHop and after experiencing some hardship growing up Music found me after my son’s death while I was incarcerated for some time around the (2020 Pandemic) and after understanding the industry a lot more I want to be a part of the culture and growth of it.

Mixing/Mastering Engineer  - Dennis Forsberg

I will deliver your song mixed and mastered using state of the art digital and vintage analogue gear to get a beautiful sounding, radio friendly and commercial result ready for an international release.

Song writer - Aleksei

Aleksei is a music producer poised to elevate your project to new heights. From dynamic beats to emotive melodies, each composition is meticulously crafted to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.

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