Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Eliisa Kõiv

Music producer, mixing master - Marco Margna

For 20 years I have learned my own tricks and tricks for creating, arranging, mixing and mastering music.I also like making audiologos and advertising music, the more exciting part is also making music for filmmusic.I have collaborated with hundreds of artists from Europe.I was very inspired by Jimmy Douglass in florida whom I also worked for.

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 - Fine Tune Studios

Since opening its flagship facility in Johannesburg in 2005, followed by Mixtown in 2007, Fine Tune has earned its reputation as a leader in the audio postproduction market. The magic formula for this success - the ability to deliver a full range of superlative creative services to the advertising, broadcast, and film industries.

Music and Broadcast Engineer - Oscar Perez Pelaez

I am a 11 years experienced sound engineer. I've been employed in Spain as a broadcast engineer, ENG, on-location recording, boom operator, mix engineer and FOH engineer.

Mixing & Mastering - Mike Cave

Mike is an award winning Producer, Mixer and Mastering engineer based in his own studio in Liverpool.

buttermilk pancake beats - One Percent Genius

We produce nostalgic and melancholic electronic beats for upcoming indie artist Halima. Our producers have also worked with Law and Order SVU and other notable short films and tv series.

Music Producer/SongWriter - 9three

I can make any type of beat and match any type of production you need!

session guitarrist & composer - 90frank

Musician for years, guitarrist, bassist, composer and lyrisist. Actually making music with Afternap where I play and compose and mix. Also I can play some syhnts.

Singer & Songwriter - Jon did

I like pina coladas and they like me.

Recording&mixing engineer - A Fei

Second in Asia, Mixing Engineer ! A great mix engineer shouldn’t just provide you with a technical process. The best mix engineer’s are able to see the vision of the artist and bring sonic depth and clarity to a song that wasn’t there before. And most importantly, the final mix should inspire.

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