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Music Producer - Boza Lso

Music Engineer,Proffessional Vocal Mixer And A Trap Beat Maker

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Singer, Music Producer - Shambhavi Raj

Performed at Carnegie Hall in February'17 Currently working on releasing covers and music production of some new material

Let Me Hydrate You - DeLaVanta "D-Hydrate" Tabor

Award winning Musician (Drums & Keys) | Audio Engineer (Music & Post) | Music Producer/Director With experience in both music and post, I bring a unique blend of technical skills and creativity to each and every project. Send me a message so that we can discuss how I can Hydrate your next project.

Music Producer - MP

Music Producer from Germany

Session Bassist/Producer - Isaac Wilson

Have you ever wanted to get the most creative bass line that will fit right into your song the FIRST time? I am able to provide that for you. Whatever your song is and whatever style you are going for, I can guarantee that you will have an outstanding line that will match your song and bring it to the next level.

Music Producer, Remote Mixing, - Tweezy Da Beat Terrorist

"Creativity is intelligence having fun"

Professional Singer - Afryca Soler

I am a mezzo-soprano and therefore I have a wide vocal range (high and low notes). I've never used autotune on my recordings. My philosophy is to always try to give my best in each song, that's why I have never used autotune in my recordings. I like the sound of natural voices in a recording. I also create melodies and harmonies.

Production, Mixing & Mastering - Pooya Khorramyar

Ranked as Top 4 Rock artists of Calgary in February 2022 by the Reverbnation website, I am a music producer, mixing and mastering engineer, and Ph.D. student researching do-it-yourself music production.

Musician - Sepehr Mahdavidoost

SM is Persian Artist and Flamenco Guitarist. He combined Flamenco and Trap and Electronic Music. He is the one who invented the Flamenco Trap in Iran.

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