Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Floral Jacket

Recording, Mixing, Editing - James O’Hara

I strive to make records that will impact the end listener the same way that my favorite records impacted me.

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Studio Drummer ,Producer. - Luis "El Children" Ledezma

Session Drummer,Remote Mixing,Producer.

Songwriter  - Drecarterbaby

I specialize in writing hit records !

Vocal production, Songwriting - Kéo

I'm here to elevate your song to its platinum-level potential with my decade of expertise in songwriting and vocal production. With a full resumé of placements in national advertisements, tv shows and commercials, I will fine tune your musical creation to its fullest potential.

Music Composer & Producer - Giovanni Reyes

Composing, songwriting, arrangements, teaching and music production in general for genres like Rock-Pop, Jazz and Fusion.

Lyric Songwriter For Hire - Ray Collins

I can hear any song the first time, and by the second time, I have already came up with a Lyric or Lyrics ''Depending on how many Artists are on the song.'', Example...''If a Rap song goes from a Single to a Remix, It means more Artists for me to make Lyrics for.'' I have a Example, Please email if you need.

Toni Donoso - Toni Donoso

Si estás buscando información sobre posicionamiento en buscadores o quienes son los mejores gestores, aquí tienes todo lo que necesitas. Y si tienes cualquier consulta puedes preguntar, por supuesto. ¿Necesitas a alguien que diseñe páginas web? Entra en nuestra web y pregunta por nuestros proyectos personalizados. Vas a comprobar que nos adaptamos

Composer - Songwriter - Glen Gholizadeh

I can help bring sound to your images, as well as write the stories you are trying to tell. Having studied music and composition for the past 5 years, I am offering passion and knowledge with the confidence of being able to offer what it is you are seeking in your personal projects.

Digital/Vinyl Mastering - Reversed Reference

Mastering engineer helping prepare your sounds for digital and vinyl.

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