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Recording Studio - Studio 7

Get your songs mix/mastered on a professional level with the Hybrid Setup installed in our studio. You want the Analog warmth we have got it baby, we also have the in the box digital ease. If you want both (which we recommend), you are knocking at the right door. Listen to our records and if you like the sound, hit us and we could talk !!!

HQ Mixing and Mastering - Federico

Studio work, production, mixing and mastering with Djs out on Protocol Recordings (Nicky Romero), Fonk Recordings (Dannic) and many more. I've worked in studio also with some rock/indie band.

Music Producer / Sound Creator - Austin Collton


I am Austin Collton and I'm here to do what I love - produce music. I wrote my first song in the age of 8 and since then I've been searching for new sounds, creating new melodies and improving my creative and technical skills every single day. Now you found me, and be sure, I'm ready to work hard on what we both are keen on - our music. Let's go!

Pianist/Composer/Keyboardist - Sean Foran

I'm an award-winning pianist & composer working across genres including jazz, folk, blues, country, soul, pop and rock. If you're after lush harmonies played with great piano and keyboard sounds then I'd love to work with you.

Mastering, mixing, recording - Jeremias de Lima

30 years of experience with innovation and creativity in the music scene of Amazonia, credits include Afrika Bambaataa, MG Calibre, Noel Ellis, Tiago Iorc, Fafá de Belém, Donna Marie, Tiê, Amazonia Jazz Band, Arlindo Lima and many others

Producer / Composer / Singer - Mister Z

Mister Z is a talented artist and multi-DAW producer focused on putting his art in all musical genres. With the ambition to make people dance and shake their heads, it is supported by his creativity and mastery.

Editing & Proofreading - Eduhelpersleague

EduHelpersLeague provides academic help for students all over the world. Connect with us if you wish to pursue a successful academic career.

Song Writer  - Barnabas Samuel

Hey, Barnabas Samuel here, Musician and Song Writer...

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