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Editing | Mixing | Mastering - Max Michael Miller


Recording at home but want your music to sound like it’s recorded in a studio? I can do that. Recording in a studio but don't want to pay the high prices of a studio mixing engineer? You are on the right page. Let's chat.

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Audio Engineer Freelance  - Luis Guibert

Full Sail, Recording Arts Bachelors Degree Graduated.

Recording Studio - NJP STUDIOS Switzerland

We are a recording studio specialized in Music Production, Voiceover Recording, Sounddesign and Mastering for the audiovisual industry.

Produce,Record,Mix,Collaborate - PLATINUM RECORDS/ MSH STUDIOS

I wear a lot of hats and play lots of instruments and people say I'm a one man band and a one stop shop for producing recording or collaborating with peoples projects big or small. I believe in everybody and I always get the best out of any artist when I collaborate and they hire me to work with them.

Music Producer - EXCIMYR

I am the EDM producer from India. With over 5 years of experience, I'm always ready to deliver quality sound. My work is catered specifically to your requests

Everything Audio - Joel Zhou

My goal is to provide exclusive service to my clients for the best possible audio quality.

Session PianoOnist - Chak! The Alchemist

I make gestures with my hands, so I'm playing notes and movements together to give you the musical sense ...

Mixing Engineer - Nech

tutelage of Pablo Rabinovich (Mixing and Mastering Engineer, winner of several Gardel Awards) and, later, learned mastering in InSound Academy, with Gustavo Massone. I also participated in some Masterclasses with eminences in audio engineering, such as Tweety Gonzalez (Soda Stereo, Gustavo Cerati, Fito Paez, Fabiana Cantilo, Shakira) and Chris Lord

Produce, Write, Mix, Sessions - Dereck Tabata

I've been a musician for over 25 years. Tracking and mixing for over 10 years. I write, arrange and compose for just about any genre of music. My influences vary widely from rock royalty artists like Van Halen to film composers like James Newton Howard. Regardless of the music scenario, I work with artists to get the best out them and their music.

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