Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Horacio Burgos

Mastering Mixing Editing - Fico Borgognone

I love music and I work on making my own and other people’s. For me, music is a unique and complex language of emotions that can be taught, learnt and shared. That’s my goal and I put all my effort and dedication into it. Although I have a degree in Audio Engineering, for me, the human factor is what matters the most.

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Music Production, Video Editor - Patrick of EIC Studios

A Digital Renaissance Man, Professional Audio Engineer, and intuitive creative. The work isn't done until it brings out that feeling

Production, Mixing, Mastering - Dubcreator

We specialise in Reggae, Dub, Ska and all crossovers. From recording, to dubplates, to mixing services to Mastering.

Mixing & Mastering 🎚️ - Stefano Crispino

I'm a Sound Engineer graduated at D.Cimarosa Conservatory (AV). I can edit, mix and master your songs. Quality and cleanliness, in a self-respecting audio product, are the winning weapons.

Singer producer and mastering - Dai Yassan

I do all my songs from production to mastering

Songwriter, Music Producer - Jupiter Blue

As a duo, we constantly challenge each other to write better and more original songs. We'll bring this originality, creatively and quality to the song we'll write for you. Take a listen to what we've uploaded! Listen to all of them and hear that quality and uniqueness. We don't settle for second best in song writing, only the best!

Singer  - Jaylee

Jaylee is an influential R&B Artist with a devoted following. His incredible career began with a bang in 2016 on Xfactor with his group 5AM/5aftermidnight, with the release of their first smash hit in 2017 up in here. The group then disbanded.Jaylee has since then become a solo artist on a regular basis that manages to thrill and delight fans.

Singer & Topline Pro - Thomas Sykes

Multi-Genre Remote Drummer - Austin Davidson

Don't skimp on the pulse and let your song be a bummer, drum-rolls with soul only come from a drummer! From replicating your drum machine track or sheet music to writing and recording my own parts for your songs, I can handle it! I've played drums all over the world and I'd rather be in the studio. I want to replace any and every drum-machine!

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