Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with indigo lights

Producer & Mix Engineer - Gavin Mc

I can create your music the way you want to hear it! I have produced, engineered and played on multiple top 10 hits, across multiple genres, and even scored a #1 along the way!

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PA Hire & Sound Engineering - dB Live Sound

dB Live Sound provide PA systems and sound engineering services for bands playing in pubs, clubs and small festivals.

Songwriter,Singer,Content Dev. - Abraham P. Kallon (Detrench)

I can lyrically write your ideas for song. I can do background vocals, and/or feature on your project. I can also direct tune pitch melody and arrange your music. I can script, direct, shoot and edit your visual content for social media platform and blog. I can design your 6 pages webapp digital/physical product store. I can Animate your ideas.

Dynamic Mixing & Mastering - Tom Baardman


Hi, Im Tom, I have mixed and mastered songs such as (my own) Baardman's tracks which has 70k plays on Spotify. My tracks have been played by Afterlife's Colyn, Guy J, Hernan Cattaneo and more. I mastered Luke Coulson's track 'Higher' that has almost 500k plays on Spotify. House producer Harry Bolton who has had the tracks played by EDX in his sets.

Produce, Mix & Mastering - RankedSounds

Music Artist with: - years of intensive work as a ghost producer - 3+ years of experience in recording, mixing and mastering and production. - completion of ventures in the entertainment industry-film music production - full understanding of how to make successful tracks that adhere to the listeners.

Session Electric Bass/Guitar - Alexander Rieth

Stuck on a song that you can't find that perfect part for? I'm here to help! I have over 15 years experience in the music industry playing both guitar and bass, and am a signed musician to two major labels. Let me help you work it out and finish that song!

Producer|Multi-Instrumentalist - Evan Walley

I'm a Producer/Multi-Instrumentalist/Engineer with over 4 years of experience professionally producing records. My biggest goal is to serve your needs as the artist, and accomplish a distinguished record that is special to you.

I'm an Artist in every aspect. - LoYoL

The man born with the nickname JAG was ready since birth August 20th 1992, to take over the billboards and boardrooms as the 29 year-old was released from FL DOC March 2022. The Killumbia native's upcoming mixtapes and upcoming EP "LoYaL 4 Eternal" with his first single "Trulyth" featuring YL has the streets and boardroom members on standby waiting

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