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vocalist/screamer/rapper/mix - kendy

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Cool + Clever Pop Songs - MUNNYCAT Lady Luck Studio


My music has been synced nearly 200 times by brands like FIFA 19, New Balance, MTV, BET, Hulu + more. I’ve also been featured by LADYGUNN, Earmilk + The Line of Best Fit. I'd love to help write your next song, sing on your track, make your vocals shine, or produce a track for your artist project that you can LICEN$E. :)

Mixing, Mastering, & Post - DaGregory

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Gonna mix your song to perfect - Pop punk hard rock mixer/prod

As someone who has mixed major label and local I can bring your songs to the front of the line. Having mixed all genres as well as performed on many rock and pop punk records for the last 20 years, I have what it takes to make your song pop

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Andrei

• Experience working in a large theatre project; • Confident use of DAW: Ableton Live, FL Studio and Logic Pro; • Fluency in Adobe Audition, Sound Forge, and Audacity music editors, as well as music software: Tag&Rename, Mixed&Key; • Vocal processing skills; • Knowledge of the full process of mixing and mastering a musical composition.

Music Prodcer - Natrition Fit

Nutritionfit.org is a healthcare blog site where you can find several healthcare category blogs such as weight-loss, preventive care, diet, and workout plans.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - FKMOB4

Music producer, arranger and beatmaker and rapper from Ukraine. 20 y.o. I'll make you a song at a reasonable price. Do not be ashamed - write ✌🏻

Sound Engineer - James Partington

Professional and experienced sound engineer and equipment supplier specialising in live sound for artists & bands, festivals and all other performance situations.

Singer - Victoria villa

I am the lead singer of Evildog rock band and. The Chorist in Pale preacher's project. I am mezzo-soprano. Spanish is my mother tongue.

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