Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with jadakiss remix

Demo Singer, Session Singer - Lomel

If its singing you need. I have the sound for your songs.

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writing songs and singing - Svetlana Dedova

Hi everyone, I am a very passionate artist that respects music and art. I take a very delicate steps to create music that can touch souls and help people. Music is Love and my goal is to spread as much love as possible.

Record/Mix/Mastering/Session - Joe Connell

I'm a session musician and a producer. Meaning I have the best of both worlds with my recording and mixing. Not afraid to try new technics and take on new genre's to achieve great music.

Im an Singer  - Gabriel Slettestøl Smoge

Gabriel S

music making coach  - Andrew Brown

Creative code cracked - I will tell you a method where you will make 20 songs no matter what level you are. Guaranteed or your money back. I cannot wait to tell you and coach you!

Musical Artist - Hussan Ahmad Ks

Hussan Ahmad Ks is a musical artist, author, blogger, actor and internet personality.He was born on April 2, 2002.He live in Derianwala, Narowal, Pakistan.His father name is Nasrullah khan.

 שחקן,במאי,מדבב,אמן קטעי פרוזה - ערן בן שטרית

״לֹא מִן הַנִּמְנָע שֶׁחֲשִׁיבָה נָאִיבִית תָּבִיא מַהְפֵּכָה כִּי הָלַךְ רוּחַ כָּזֶה שָׁם אֶת הַדִּכּוּי בַּצַּד וּבוֹחֵר בְּאָדָם״ ציטוט מתוך קטע הפרוזה ״ברית אדום״

automotives - Sell Car Fast For Cash

Now that Sell Car Fast For Cash is available, it's simpler than ever to scrap your old, unwanted, and used car. For a seamless, quick, and secure scrap car removal, we have the specialists, experience, expertise, and everything else in between that is needed.

Producer | Mixing | Mastering - Dallis Jelani

Keyboardist of 20 years experience/audio engineer with 2 years experience ready to produce, edit, mix, or master your next best song- all genres accepted! Top production styles include Hip-Hop, RnB-Soul, Electronic. Quick turnarounds guaranteed when requested. Unique podcast sound design/edit, mix & master available as well.

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