Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Jehry Robinson

Producer/Mixer/Top-liner - John J. Fox


Producer/Singer/Songwriter from Los Angeles, CA. Recently back working on SoundBetter!

Pop / Indie Topliner for hire - Gloria Glow

I worked with a variety of high status musicians, pitched music to Selena Gomez, Pitbull, Sean Paul, and more. Have cowrote with lead singer of MAGIC!, Nasri Atweh

Record Producer.Audio Engineer - Matt Echo

WARNING : Once I mix your record, all your old mix’s suck. I’m a Record Producer, Audio Engineer and Multi-Instrumentalist 7 days a week. Every mix is done from Studio 631 Recordings Located on Ling Island, NY.

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Mixing, Mastering, Post - Jim Keaney

With 15 years experience mixing/mastering & commercial/TV post-production, I work from my home mixing suite which allows me to work on projects of all sizes simultaneously in a professionally treated and familiar environment. I sonically embellish what is unique and compelling about each production ensuring my client's message/vision stands out.

Audio engineer - Titan Reampings

Titan Reampings has been created in order to provide earth shaking guitar tones at the most affordable rates. Send us a 10-20 second sample of your guitar tracks and we'll send you back a processed sample to evaluate the results COMPLETELY FREE.

Session and performance singer - Joni Tuson

Versatile performance and session vocalist.

Session bass player - SlavikBass

Hello everyone! My name is Slavik. I'm from Ukraine. Music and bass - my lifework! And I’m positive and easy to work with musician!

Mix Engineer - Mixed By Melta

Streaming - FireTVSticks

FireTVStick, your one-stop destination for guides on Amazon's amazing media streaming device. As a device intended to bring robust media streaming capability to the big screen, Fire TV Stick excels in delivering entertainment.

Super Rapper*Producer*Engineer - Marcus Money

With credits for names like Lil' Flip and releases from the US West Coast to NYC & Florida. I've recorded, mixed and mastered over 1000 songs to get to my current level of flavor. I handle artist's songs with the utmost care as if they're my own and aim to craft them to perfection. Think tight bass, no mud, blissful mids & highs that sizzle.

Professional Mixer - Eloise Perrault

Jeudi, de nombreux retraités, actifs et étudiants se sont rassemblés dans plusieurs localités de la région à l'initiative des syndicats CGT, FSU, Solidaires et Unsa pour augmenter leur pouvoir d'achat.

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