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Producer-Instrumentalist-Engin - Joe Lugenbühl

Berklee Masters in Music Production ProTools & Ableton Recording, Mixing + Mastering Pop-Hip Hop-Jazz-Funk & everything in between. All genres of music and multi instrumentalist. I have a great ear, am creative, have great gear and 20+ years experience. I am competitive with pricing and fair. Revisions ok within reason. Let’s chat.

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Mixing, editing and drum line. - Rafael

-Live in Brazil, 20 years; -studied professional audio language and x32 digital mixing table in CAM school (both 48hours of course); -Works in a music studio called "Casarão"; -Pretend to do a Audio Production college soon; -Played drums for 6 years; -Use reaper 5.18 and Adobe Audition as audio software.

Drum & Percussion Tracking - Ryan Beydler **MEM->BNA**

A seasoned player, Memphis raised and over 10 years in Nashville - drummer Ryan Beydler has worked closely with many artists of varied genres - Including William Michael Morgan, Brandon Lay, Devin Dawson, Haley & Michaels, Hannah Kerr, Chris August, Kate Lee & Forrest O'Connor. Studied extensively with the great John "JR" Robinson and Zoro.

Producer, Mixing, & Mastering - Zachary L. Engram Z'LEA Traxx


Zachary L. Engram known as "Z" by some and "Triumph" by others, produces music for Contemporary Gospel, Christian Rap, and Rhythm & Praise (Gospel R&B) artists. I have a solid flow and awesome work ethic! My goal is to satisfy my client by helping them to accomplish the goals they have for the sound of their music! Ask me anything you would like!

song writing  - Meneavell

Song lyrics writing

Music Producer - Lyes

Uplifting Emotional&Orchestral Trance Producer .

Vocals Vocals Vocals - Marty Gray

I want to make your vocals sound the best they can possibly be. If it's your vocals, let's get them comped, tuned, edited, and mixed. If you need vocals, let me sing for you! I have six years of experience as a session vocalist across many genres (pop, R+B, indie, rock, and classical are my best).

Multi-genre Producers - F1rst Class Music

Elevate your sound to a 'F1rst Class' level with custom compositions and arrangements, complete with live instrumentation for a unique experience.

Mixing&Mastering Engineer - Roderum



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