Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Johann Debussy

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Michael Lee Moen

High quality mixing and mastering.

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Music Producer - Zach Jones

My name is Zach Jones. I'm a record producer as well as a musician. I've been producing, mixing, and writing for artists since I was 17. Guitarist and songwriter for My Enemies & I (Fearless Records).

Producer & Artist-Developer - Darcy Productions

I strive to push artists to discover the best version of themselves in there music to excel and succeed! My goal is to take your story and endless creativity and help develop and package it in a way that sits well with, while standing out of the current music industry market.

Final Mix, Sound design &Music - Black Ginger

15 Years Final Mix for Post including Music Production and Mastering services 2018 Best Movie of the year South Africa IDOLS 13 Years, Netflix, Movies, Coke Studio, Motor racing, Magazine shows, Corporate Videos, Documentaries.

Argentinian Music Producer - Ale Baus

I'm specialized in easy listening endless music loops. Ambient hip hop beats, chilltrap beats and music for websites or video. I have experience in latin-electronic music, latinbass, twerk, moombahton and dancehall. I do mix and master to my own music.

Music Producer - Engineer - Diego Lopez


I have been a Multicultural Music Producer / Engineer for over 20 years. I can help you produce your song from what you envision from start to finish.

Mix/Master, Restoration, Edit - Audio Services

Here at Backing Track Productions we offer many audio services. For example we offer Mixing & Mastering, Audio Restoration, Podcast & Voiceover, YouTube audio and produce broadcast and live use quality backing tracks that are tailored to your personal requirements. We can even bring your current backing tracks up to broadcast, live use quality.

Audio Mastering With Intention - Commonwealth Mastering

I'm Austin Gordon, and I run Commonwealth Mastering, a dedicated, fully independent mastering studio. Our reason to be here is simple – to give back what the gift of sound has given to us. Your work is our work, and that means that whatever it takes to make it sound like you want it to, we will do.

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