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Ableton Production - Mixing - Ian Gallagher

As an Ableton Certified Trainer I specialize in helping people take their Ableton sessions to the next level. No matter what your skill level I'll help you create the best finished EDM, hip hop or pop song possible. I also mix Logic and Pro-Tools sessions.

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Remote mixing - 7 Siege Productions

Bring your mix to life and your song to the top with 7 Siege Productions' remote mixing services

Mix Engineer - Root 73 Studio

At Studio 73, our engineers are dedicated to giving your music the highest quality treatment at every stage of post production. Our brand new acoustically balanced facility allows us to hear every detail of the music we receive and engineer a balanced and accurate sound.

Producer, Composer, Songwriter - Mark Wilder


Looking for a prolific, visionary producer? I have a wide range of music production experiences in genres from pop, rock and cinematic styles, to current sub genres combos like swagger-urban, country trap and many others. I can take your project to the next level with my roster of vocalists, session players, mixers and mastering engineers.

Ghost Producing/Mix/Master/ - Unidade

We are a group of producers of music and content creators, we can do everything about your music since the producing,mixing arrangement to the Mastering in form of Ghost Producing or Collaborations to the design's and marketing strategies too. We Resolve. It's your slogan

Marketeing - SophiaLopez

The best information related to jitter clicking and other types of tests.

DEMO Vocalist and Songwriter  - Ryan

I am a singer-songwriter with over ten years of vocal training - I arrange beautiful harmonies and sing with emotion and precision for almost any genre. I am passionate about telling stories through music. Let me help you tell yours!

Remixing - DJElectricJes

Greetings, I'm DJElectricJes, I'm an Autistic DJ

Singer Pop, Jazz, Blues, Soul - e_Mair

breathe life into your song by singing your melody

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