Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with keno shakur

Write, produce, CREATE  - Merc MaJAH


The soul is the essence of the vibe I promise this jawn gon Be Live lol

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Recording/Mixing Engineer  - Brotherman

15 Year Recording/Mixing Engineer Specialties: Hiphop Demo Recording and Professional Mixtape Production

Producer, songwriter, mix and  - Phelony

I'm a man that loves doing what he does best.. let's work and make it happen..

Music producer - Soularflair

I create genre-unlimited music. Music without boundaries. Music to take you on a journey, rather than a disposable 3 minute single.

Mix Engineer + Mentor - Jesse Keller - Mix Engineer

From an artists perspective, the mix can not only make or break a song but it can also make or break the entire experience. It's my job to be a relatable mixer who understands what's going on from the artist perspective. It's a big decision to HAND OFF your music. Let me take you through MY process and get you the product you desire.

ComposeArrangeAndMixMastering - Jozef

I am a tech geek with a tiny sense of music. Building a music PC and Hackintosh for musical friends. Helping with HW and SW needs. Adding some tracks to projects, sharing opinions on. Helping understand how acoustic and resonances works. Eliminating bad musicians' habits.

Mixes, Masters, Produces Songs - Electro Alchemist

Music Producer. Electro-acoustic former student at RCM (London). Sound Engineering student.

Hip Hop Music Producer - Og_Ag

Hi, I'm Og_Ag! I’m a Hip Hop Music producer with over 5 years of experience and millions of streams in songs I’ve produced.

Mixing, Production, Vocals - BreadAndButter Production

Rock and metal vocals, clean and extreme, production and mixing.


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