Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with La Sonora Simbron Salsa Orchestra

Trumpet sessionist - Joaquín Isla

Lead Jazz, Classical (and others) trumpet player. I have a Home Studio and already studying recording, mixing and mastering.

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mixing, mastering & production - Mind Invasion

Mind Invasion1.0 is a newly innovative concept that allows you to buy tracks from our ghost production team which is a great way to help you develop your career.

singer - Ana Lucia

I specialize in seductive/dreamy tones.

bouzouki and guitar player - avihay

playing bouzouki & guitar in middle eastern style clasic acustic & electric guitar

Singer-Songwriter / Producer - Eltina Minarolli

Disney Movie Vocalist - PRO Vocalist, Songwriter and Producer. Well known Albanian Pop Artist.

Mixing, producing, creating - Francesco De Nigris


My goal is to make the clients feel and enjoy the commitment that I put in my work. I never forget that it's not my music I'm working on, I just have the need to respect the efforts that have already been made. Trust is a gift that has to be earned and I am more than willing to put myself on the line.

Mix Engineer w/Analogue touch - Noah Nelson

Get that analogue warmth and polished sound that bangs 🔥

Music videos and Songwriting - Francisco Rodriguez

Music video Director, Songwriter, Guitaris! 10 years of experience making Music, music videos and films. Our portfolio includes work with Netflix, BIP Records, Ultra Music Label, Rome Film Festival, and other worldwide brands.

 I'm a producer, sound dising - David

I excel a lot in sound design and ambience, and with the versatility to adapt to different genres, I am currently working on my first production that of course, when it is released, I will post it.

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