Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with LAB with Anton Belyaev

Mix Engineer & Music Producer - Aleksey Bondarenko

Mixing engineer and music producer with over then 10 years experience.

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 - Filament Productions

Greetings. My name's Kris. I am a Mix Engineer - for Live or Studio. I'm good at all levels of production, from writing parts for/playing multiple instruments and vocals, to programming synths/beats/etc, tuning and timing vocals, and generally tightening up a whole production.

Electronic Music Producer & DJ - AISEO Music

I am a professional electronic music producer and DJ with a tremendous passion for music and sound. I have a Masters in Music Production, Technology, and Innovation from Berklee College of Music. Growing up immersed in dance, singing, and piano lead me to explore composing, from which blossomed a love for production and songwriting.

Music Producer, Vibe starter  - K. Helmes Music

If you’re looking for someone to be fully invested in your work as much as you, and treat your music as their own, I’m the Producer and Engineer for you.

Music Producer, DJ,  - HENOSIS

Creator of electronic dance music consisting of: Bigroom, Electro House, Future House, Progressive House, Pop/Dance

Songwriter, Guitarist. - Reuben Nathaniel

Hi, I’m a musician from Indonesia! I play the guitar and write my songs in the band, TheOvertunes.

Guitarist,drummer, songwriter. - Wh!te mascreade

I wanna start a band and start posting my music to Spotify and other platforms.

Remote Music Producer / Mixing - Ivan Solimani-Lezhnev

I am driven by the philosophy of open collaboration, dialing down ego to create a space to work freely without hesitation or doubt for the song and song only. To find solutions through true creativity.

Singer Sweet Vocal, Songwriter - Estefanía Silvera

Warm and Sweet vocals, Spanish native and English fluent. A professional singer/songwriter, with 6 years of experience working on what I love. I've been working in more than 60 projects as songwriter and more than 300 as a session singer. Currently studying in EMC Berklee College of Music as Professional Musician Degree.


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