Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Lilacs

Music Producer  - Trevin Kraus


As a musician driven to make a mark on the music scene Trevin has passion, grit and skills that will be an asset to any organization. With Three years production/writing and twelve years guitar experience. Given the opportunity he’ll demonstrate the energy, work ethic and creativity that your businesses demands.

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HQ Mixing and Mastering - Federico

Studio work, production, mixing and mastering with Djs out on Protocol Recordings (Nicky Romero), Fonk Recordings (Dannic) and many more. I've worked in studio also with some rock/indie band.

Music Production / Mixing  - Down Lo Productions

Down Lo production is a production company started in 2016 by Clem Lo. After having worked with numerous artists from France and USA such as Lord Felix, Lilacs., Jay Critch, Lick Neon, Mosie, Anetta Morozova etc..., the company moved to Brooklyn and is currently pushing its boundaries further by working on a musical.

Music Producer, Composer - Sound Authority Studio

My name is Charlie and I musician out of Colorado. I have been creating music for more than 20 years. I'm a self-taught music producer on various digital platforms. My successful projects have the same thing in common: I work closely with my client to learn as much as I can before and during the project so as to provide the best possible service.

Mixing & Mastering - Juan Ribes

Mixing & Mastering Engineer since 2011. https://open.spotify.com/album/1Erk7ncHmhAY2rXKkq1r8B?si=_hoLj8vXT0O3UZCjpnPlRg

Recording and Mixing Egineer - if6was9 Studio - Fred Hat

TOP QUALITY RECORDING AND MIXING STUDIO with excelent gear (Neve and Phoenix preamps, Distressor, Api comps, Great River eqs) and mics. We can record your instruments and mix your songs. We work with the best profesional musicians!

Mixing and Mastering - Mattia

I'm a 19 y/o artist who sings and makes beats but specialized in Mixing And Mastering Trap/Hip-Hop/Indie/Pop type songs.

Music Producer - Oliver Walker

I am a producer and mixing and mastering engineer from the United Kingdom who has produced countless songs for artists under the name 'Oliver Walker'.

Mixing & Mastering - Roy Shelton

Credits wise, I may be a small fish in a big ocean, but I want to help you bring your art to a level that you only imagined. I can help you craft the sound and mix that brings your emotion and art to the forefront, and most of all, give you a product that you will be ecstatic to hear.


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