Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with MARKICHI (Маркичи) - [Pop-Punk / Monino] - [Bass (2011)]

Remote Mixing - Pavel Egorov [PaVliQ_BassMan]

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Producer, Composure, Engineer  - Evan Andree/Banvard Music

I write, compose, produce, record, mix, and master for film, television, and artists.

Audio Producer - Gerges Sobhy

I work in the field of audio engineering more than 11 years and worked in a recording songs specializing in mixing and Mastering and sound designing and audio Mixing for films and movies dubbed,

Online Mastering - Sola Mastering

Better Price. Better Sound. Sola Mastering provides excellent service and amazing sound at affordable prices.

I am a singer and beat maker - RØZER Official

I sing in a band called hammersmith and have done a few covers on YouTube

I mix and master songs  - JustinCesena

If you want your vocals to sound well mix and mastered than im the right person to come to.

Latin Music Producer, Mixer - Magicenelbeat

Un Coco - Bad Bunny Ultra Solo - Polimá Westcoast ft. Pailita Ultra Solo remix - Polimá Westcoast ft. Pailita, Feid, Paloma Mami & De La Ghetto Kawaii - Polimá Westcoast ft. J Balvin Me Arrepentí - AK4:20 ft. Pailita & Cris MJ

Rapper, Songwriter, Producer  - Bobby Barrz

Male Hip Hop, Rap Vocalist/Songwriter

Indie/Rock Producer & Mixer - Baren Music

"Bring out the emotive feel of your Indie or Rock music with production and mixing services, combining technical expertise with a keen ear for what sounds great to elevate your tracks to new heights with stunning clarity and precision, using cutting-edge technology in the process."

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