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Producer,songwriter,guitarist - SpaceAgeGenius

I work with a multitude of artist/genres from COUNTRY,HIP HOP to EDM. multiple instruments piano,guitar. pro tools,logic,reason,im ready to work with anyone if you're ready to be creative.

Lyricist, voice over - Fake Fake

well this is so not cool

Producer + Composer - Jaden Williams

As a multi-genre producer and musical craftsmen, my focus is on producing music that has incredible feel and transcends theoretical limitations to tell stories that resonate with listeners for many years to come.

Violin/String Arranger/Fiddle - Dayna Bee


Hi, I’m Dayna Bee! I specialize in violin/fiddle, as well as composing & arranging string sections for albums or singles.

Song Writing, Sound Engineerin - Fusion da Cartel

Fusion da Cartel born Abdul-Razak Bashiru is an African Artist born to a Nigerian Mother and a Ghanaian Father in Accra Ghana. Grew up in Nigeria but moved to Ghana where he started making Music as an Hobby, he is also known to be a Fashion Designer and sometimes a Comic personality because of his sense of Humor.

Music Producer - Joe Coof

A musician with an unique sound who is a consummate master of technique and artistry.

Mixing and Mastering - Sam Head - Mixing & Mastering

Worked with multiple clients to achieve their desired sound. Achieved a First Class Honours Degree in Music Production. I have mixed & mastered a range of genres including: Pop, R&B, Reggae, Drum & Bass, Country, and more.

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