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Mixing, Mastering & Production - Noel Wayne

I offer a high quality mixing, mastering and production service. Using only professional equipment and plugins I'm always aiming to achieve the best sound for every song I work with. The difference in packages is only in the amount of stems that you need to mix. I have worked on numerous Uk top 40 songs and have remixed countless artists.

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Mixing/Mastering Engineer - Sam Martinez

Ever since I can remember, my life has been influenced from music. Over the course of the last nine years, I've been recording demos of my own bands, producing music for friends, creating sound design pieces for random animations, recording/mixing/mastering clients work, and working in live venues in the Pacific Northwest.

Original Music Production - Abel Scheder

Offer music production and audio-production from my home based studio with 6+ years pro experience and hundreds of finished projects behind me.

Music Studio - Creative Studio


Audio & Video Production House

Music Producer and Mixing - Kevin Hassler

Looking for an Indie Pop, Synth Pop or EDM track with modern sound design at an affordable price? I'm the one you need. With over 7 years of production experience, I can deliver a competitive sound and be the perfect supporter to your ideas.

Music Production/Mixing - Wolfgang Productions

Making the world better one track at a time! I make beats for trap and hip-hop artists.

Production & electronic guitar - Jan Linton

Adds something special to a song's sound.Remixed Duran and Japan members, Ebow/digital guitar for ex Visage spin off, Chinese zhongruan and other exotic instrumentation. Several top selling sampling CDs, sample manipulation extra ordinary. Also sings in a variety of voices and styles

Producer, Musician, Sound - Omar Vincent Al-Bochi

I am the Sonic Wizard.

musician, composer & producer - Antoine Rogé-Picard DangerZone

You're looking for a session bass, guitar or saxophone player ? You're looking for unique beats ? You need a good clean mix ? You need an original composition or arrangement ? I'm here to help you realizing your vision.

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