Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Nick Cave & Warren Ellis (Lawless)

Mixer / Producer / Engineer - Gregordon

Taking everything up a notch. Bridging creative ideas with high end analogue and digital gear.................. SLIPKNOT, MILLIONAIRE, TRIGGERFINGER, GHOST, JET, SLAYER, DANDY WARHOLS, OASIS, PUBLIC ENEMY

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Music Produce only - ICEDUB aka Beatmaster420

Hi Looking for a Producer? For your next Hot track? Well you have just found what your looking for. My name is Sadino AKA Icedub . I been making music for over 13yrs now and i luv everything about music.. So if you need some help with a track are just need a new hot one. look me up. I have work with Dubstep, R&B , Hip Hop, Gospel music.

Mixing, Mastering - SeraphimShinobi

Aspiring Audio Engineer with a diploma in Studio Audio Engineering from Alchemea College of Audio Engineering. trying to build up a portfolio of my work!

Master Your Greatness! - Production With Cl3aves

Services We Provide: Stem Mastering, Loudness Guru, Music Mentorship, Pro Level Mastering, Final Level Sonic Quality, Online Collaboration, 1 On 1 Audio Mentoring, Dynamic Processing, Loudness Processing.

Producer / Engineer - Prithwin KP

From Karnatic Music to Electronica.

Rap Artist - MaDame CRE

The most coldest.

Songwrite.Hookmake.Harmonize - Frances

melting pot of melodies....i can work with just about anything.

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