Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with No Guidance drake Chris

Vocal artist, Song writer - Dia Michelle


I have worked on Chris browns "no guidance" and Indigo album with grammy nominated song writers Robert Norman, Donyea "star child " yeezo. Work closely with Grammy award winner Tommy Brown (Producer of Ariana Grande), Donut (Producer of Ariana Grande). I have gone viral on social media through my singing and influencer videos.

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 - Sergey Molchanov

I started producing records for bands in 2012 and since then it has always been a great experience. My approach is more artistic rather then technical due to my musician background. I believe that every record needs to obtain a proper feel through mixing and mastering. Finding it is vital. Then engineering starts.

Music Producer - Serif Arzik

Hi I'm Serif, a music producer, with a BA degree in music, based in Istanbul.

Violinist  - VolkanTheViolinist

I am violinist with Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate in violin performance. I also have a home studio located in West Hollywood, CA.

Professional Digital Marketer - Jessica

Jessica is a professional Digital marketer

Remote Drum Tracking - Andrew Lamarche

Since 2014 I have been providing remote acoustic drum tracking services for artists and bands around the world. Able to do one-song or even an entire album at your convenience.

 - Aminov Law

The law offices of roman aminov is a queens based totally award prevailing property, probate, elder regulation, medicaid making plans, wills and trusts legal professional with numerous workplaces across new york town.

produce, mix, master, compose - seva


waves associate founder. grammy. emmy. invented the plug-in GUI. producer-engineer-musican since 1977, from Joe South to Afrika Bambaataa. archived all of Bob Moog's analog tape archive. co-designed 19 plug-ins for Waves. Mixed Dolly's only live concert document. FOH for Seal, Donovan, Kate Pierson, and Phil Manzarek, but not at the same gig.

Mix Engineer/Producer - 205 Studios

Mix Engineer/Producer looking to track and mix with talented musicians.

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