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Music Producer, Singer, Piano - N.J. Boyd

Hello I am Noah, and Welcome to My Soundbetter Profile.


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 - Casafont Recording Studio

Casafont Recording Studio is located in a unique natural environment in Catalonia, near the Barcelona area. With amazing acoustics and panoramic views of the Ora valley, Busa cliffs and Casafont's country house, the studio is great for tracking, and for having creative and brain storming experiences.

Recording/Mixing/Mastering  - Chris O'Bannon

Chris O’Bannon a 21 year old producer/singer/songwriter and recoridng/mixing/mastering Engineer.

Songwriter | Producer | Mixer - Christian Caldeira


I'm a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, singer, producer, and mix engineer based out of San Diego. I started playing & writing at the age of 12 and finished my schooling with a degree in Sound & Music Recording. Since then I've worked with independent and signed artists, and television networks. I'm always looking for new clients to work with.

Recording and Mastering - Dominic's Closet

Hello! I'm Dominic Mason, a college grad living in the Leesburg, VA area. I ran the audio/visual crew at my college for two years, and have provided recording and mixing for several events and friends since then (usually at choir concerts and weddings).

Remote Mixing & Mastering - AJ Wav

I worked with great Brazilian hip-hop and trap artists like Chris MC, Jaya Luuck, Cynthia Luz, Sidoka, Yunk Vino, Ebony, Kiaz, L7NNON, Sueth and others

Mix Engineer, Bass guitar - Tembisile Nzube

I'm a versatile audio technician with more than a decade experience in the live industry and the studio environment. Specialities are live recordings, mixing, mastering and audio production

Session Violinist  - Lorena Ródenas

Im a Violinist available to record whatever is needed, I have 20 years of experience in classical music and 5 years playing electronic music.

Music producer - Adriaan

I specialize in rock music and making music come alive. Because I firmly believe that without music this world woud be a dull and sad place

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