Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Noah Ross

Remote Producer / Mixer - Watu

I'm a multi-genre artist, producer, mixer and songwriter who specializes in capturing found sounds to use as original samples. I can apply a range of techniques to create everything from lo-fi textures to clean, pop soundscapes. My goal for any finished project is to capture the message and emotion you want to convey in a creative, original way.


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Vocalist/Music Producer/Mixing - Daisy

I'm a reliable, talented songwriter who is studying a Bachelor of Audio (Studio Composition) at SAE Institute, Sydney. I write, record, produce, mix, and create DJ mixes for fun and my artist persona.

Music Producer - TW

I'm an 18 years old music producer from The Netherlands. I'm a producer since 5 years. I play piano and I work with Logic Pro X. I'm looking for singer/songwriters to collaborate with. The genres I produce are House, Hip Hop and Cinematic music.

Music Producer - Tyler "Skorge" Conlin

My name's Tyler Conlin and I produce under the moniker Skorge. I have done music for TV and Film as well as procured over 7.4 million views on Youtube and 8 millions plays on Soundcloud.

I am an Italian composer - Pino Karel

The pitch..... .... .. ?? I don't know what it means ... I ask for forgiveness.

Mastering Engineer - Mathieu Bameulle

Multi-Platinium / 1x Grammy Mastering Engineer in Paris, France.

Recording and Mixing - Martin Trogani

Recording and mixing engineer trained at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ. Currently slithering among the bottom-feeders in New Jersey's DIY scene. Evil genius behind Ogbert the Nerd's sonic signature

session guitarrist/bass - Ignacio Santillan

I'm a professional bass/guitar player.

Music Producer, EDM & Pop - Jasmeet Nanda (Jaz ATL Music)


Multi genre electronic music producer and remixer based out of Atlanta, GA.

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