Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with outshine the sun

Bass player session/live - BSullivan

Anything you need, I can handle it. Always play to the very best of my ability.

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Audio Producer - Gerges Sobhy

I work in the field of audio engineering more than 11 years and worked in a recording songs specializing in mixing and Mastering and sound designing and audio Mixing for films and movies dubbed,

Studio d'enregistrement - Studio Open House

Studio d'enregistrement pour projets musicaux et publicitaires. Nous offrons un service clé-en-main et personnalisé pour tout ce qui a trait à l'audio.

Mixing & Mastering, Production - Audio Oak

Hybrid mixing and mastering studio based in Luxembourg/Europe

Vocal Artist and Producer - d.box

Well, this is my coming out party! I’m approaching the age of conscience - yet still driven to deliver a sound that is different. It’s pure - power - presence - and poise will make you ask yourself, “ How far can I push this guy?”

Singer, songwriter - Oräcullo

From homemade covers to studio recordings, Oräcullo was invited to participate on The Voice Brazil 2017's edition. Since then, the hours of work have been planned to include the ghostwriting, weddings, closed and public events, compositions and commercials.

Mixing & Mastering $ Beatmaker - rapdecabine


5 anos no mercado da engenharia do áudio no Brasil. Beatmaker, compositor, produtor fonográfico e artista/performer independente. Graduado em engenharia de mixagem e masterização. Especializado nos gêneros: Hip Hop, Trap, Rap e R&B. Beatmaker e produtor autodidata. Este já é um crédito importante.

Mixing, Mastering, Production - David Tallarico

I am the midwife to your music: I am here to help you deliver your music to the world and make it be the best it can be. Over 13 million streams on songs I've produced on Spotify :)

Rap sing songwriter bilingual  - Angie Rose

Capitol records recording artist, multiple sync tv/film placements.

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