Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Paula Hartmann

German Songwriter & Topliner - Elias Hadjeus

Platinum & Gold Awarded Songwriter and Topliner with 15+ years professional experience writing for EMI & Sony/ATV Music Publishing. With 1000+ hours of German Radio Airtime and 154.594.081 paid Streams I know what works for German Audiences – and what not. Active Member of VERSO and German Composers Alliance, a leading expert for everything GEMA.

Pianist, Studio Owner - David Bonk

Midi file to real grand piano recording. You have a midi piano and want it to sound real? Send the midi file to me and I'll re-record the file through my Yamaha DCFX 150.000,00 $ grand piano in my recording studio.

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Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Kostek Dolganov

Recording, mixing and mastering engineer, producer. I designed, built and now worki in Hiboll Studio. I prefer to work with Old-school Death metal, Old-school Grind-core, Black Metal, Hard-core, D-Beat, Punk. I'm make the sound '90s. I use to many old-shcool record techniques. Have a lots of outboard gear and i'm use it !

I produce music. - Mikko Suokas

I release my own music under an artist name "Mykeys", and also make music for other artists.

Music Producer, Mix and Master - Efe Ce Ele

More than 5 years experience in sound design, I will put in your tracks the sounds that will give a real own identity.

Production and Arranging  - Austin Fray

Emmy nominated composer will program synths, arrange strings and create compelling textures to give you an emotional cinematic dimension to your productions.

Music Producer, Mixing/Masteri - Glasscastle Sound

Hit me up on discord and I'll check your work and mix/master it for you. I can also produce / feature if you would like that.

Mixing, editing, producing - ShatZmusic

Mixing, editing, recording, vocals

Music Engineer - Ale Casula

I'm Ale, who for years worked at the legendary recording studio in Rome, the "Forum Music Village" Now I have a music studio "Le Grenier Recording Studio" : Recording, Mixing, Production & Live Music. if I can help the musician I'm more than happy.

Audio Engineer - Payton Mullins

I am an audio engineer. I would love to mix or track for you! I work with musical composition or editing podcasts, all of the sorts!

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