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 - Nigel Paul - F.O.H. Engineer

Freelance British engineer based in the U.S. Over thirty years of international touring experience. Educated to Degree level. If you are looking for a FOH engineer for your upcoming tour I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you further. Please feel free to contact me by phone or email.

Creative Audio Works - FONOGRAM

I would be happy to be your partner with my team about editing, recording, mixing , mastering in all kinds of albums, singles, jingles and film music productions. Please contact me! Özer Dönerkaya Record Producer

Electronic Music producer - Zain Wolf

I'm a music producer, composer and DJ from Hout Bay, Western Cape, South Africa. Specialising in producing electronic based music, sound design and film scoring.

Songwriter, Topliner, Producer - JADEtheproducer

JADE's authentic and poetic lyrics, moody and rhythmically driven songs create a dark, and vibey landscape of sonic imagery.

Mixing & Mastering - Glenn Chan

Hello, I am mixing & mastering engineer. I will make your music sound better.

Singer, Dancer, Actor - Ingrid Giovanie

I am a versatile singer: I sing in different genres and languages. I have a band called 2%. I have won awards for outstanding vocalist several years.

Audio,Mixing,Music Producer - A'Dre

More than 30 years of audio recording. mixing and mastering with various pop artists (Jamie Wills-Taylor, Anuki,etc.),world music artists (Awilo, Kanda Bongo, Rene Lokua, etc.) and gospel artists (Ron Kenoly, Queen Patience, Hillsong, etc.) alongside with producers and various companies around the globe.

Producer, mixer, musician, etc - Martin Spangle

I mix for emotional impact. Everything I do is focused on making your song as memorable as possible on first listen. That's how I've gotten spanish acts to go from unknown to playing at Coachella, by producing songs that get you hooked at first listen.

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