Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Quaich

Remote Mixing Engineer - Giorgos Kravvaritis

Pairing engineering chops informed by multiple genres, utilising speed and versatile skills to achieve your sonic goals.

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 - Dallas

Diversifying to assist with outside productions.

Mixing & Editing, Songwriting  - Alicja Golianek

I help artists and music producers sell the emotions that are hidden in their songs and make sure that the final mixes are as interesting and engaging for the listener as possible.

Audio Engineer/Songwriter - Ellis Blè

I'm an industry level audio engineer, and songwriter looking to work with up and coming artist at an affordable rate. There is no reason why struggling artist should be charged an extreme amount just to get industry level mixes and hooks/songs. I guarantee you won't find a better price for this industry level sound.

Session Guitarist, Producer - Gabriele Dalena

Guitar player, composer, singer-songwriter, producer. Graduated in Jazz and Pop music. Indie-label artist. Berklee College of Music training

Multi-Instrumentalist - Hidden Danger

Hard Rock Metal Multi-Instrumentalist, Guitar, Drums, Bass. Excellent songwriting and producing. Over 40 years live and studio experience.

Not Instant Mastering - SOUND TOGETHER

Mastering Engineer from France, I'm proposing a personalized mastering service and an artistic follow-up from the beginning of the production to the final stage. This with the aim of assisting the producers but also to be able to be immersed in the artistic vision and to work in the same perspective at the mastering stage.

Remote Mixing - Rock Focused - Tyler Foley Audio

Graduated from The Grove Studios Academy as a Sound/Mixing Engineer, focusing on Mixing Rock Tracks.

Post-Production Audio - Saddle Peak Sound

Experienced post-production audio editor/sound designer/mixer! When it comes to finishing your project, you probably are running short on time. That is where experience is necessary. I have the skills and tools to add creatively to your vision and keep the details and technical needs in mind to deliver the sound you need for your project.

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