Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Raya Hadzhieva

Mixing / Mastering  - Ozan Esen

In today's music business we have to deal with all kinds of limitations like time, budget or equipment. I consider these limitations as a resource for creativity and inspiration to achieve something unique. Drums recorded at your garage with only 2 mics into a cassette? Let's make something unique out of it using these limitations!

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Creative pro mixing, mastering - Micah Smith


Strong, creative, rich mixes & masters for indie rock, electronic, pop, psych, dance, etc. My clients are very happy! Well-reviewed, very experienced, affordable engineer.

Songwriter and promoter - Hannah Lloyd

Suzuki cello from age 3 to 10. Experience with musicals, school and private, with vocal roles. Music performance experience as well as an excellent ear for tone. Achieved first place positions in poetry competitions, and other writing competitions. Experience creating mock music business entities. Currently learning Spanish and writing songs.

Producer Mixing mastering  - Sercash313


Backing tracks BSB - Rafae Yoo

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Recording/Mixing/Producing - Karel J. Schepers

Are you looking for an authentic, professional production of your song? I'll embrace your songwriting and desires to make your inspiring ideas come to life. I'm here for you; let's create beautiful things together!

Mixing, mastering, guitarist - Mateo Marthá

I produce psychedelic and progressive rock mainly. Mix and master rock, hip hop and pop. I have produced and mixed "Sun Trance", a psychedelic rock band.

Mixing, Mastering and Producer - Louis Pierret

Hello ! I'm Louis a studio engineer working mainly for advertising, TV, podcast and music. I also own a music studio where I do professional mixing and mastering for musicians. If needed I'm also a producer of electronic music and bass player ;) I love working with new talents and give them more than they wanted !

Dolby Atmos Music Engineer  - Eric's Music Cabin

Dolby Atmos Music Engineer for independents, Labels, and Record companies

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