Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Reme Da Remedy

Music producer, Master mixer - B Murph

I am a 36 year old college student single father of 2 boys and I have made beats for a few local artists but I have the drive, passion, education, and skills needed to succeed

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Recording studio, mix, master - Area 87

Look out world, The Griot here, only been mixing a good year, not really looking for much in the way of monetary gain, just the opportunity to work on a plethra of different genres being that my only artist generalizes with mostly hip hop production. Will beat any budget if satisfied.

Mixing, Music Producer - Gaurav Chintamani

Mixing engineer and music producer, bassist for the band Advaita (www.facebook.com/advaitamusic) and music educator at SACAC (www.sac.ac.in). I have been producing, recording and mixing music since 2005.

Professional Drummer - Jody Cortez

Hello I'm Jody Cortez. I have been drumming for over 35 years, live and in studio. I've played and recorded with Bruce Springsteen, Mick Jagger, Cinderella,Billy Idol,The Jacksons,Christopher Cross, Michael McDonald ,Brenda Russell, Paul McCartney,Phil Collins, Pat Leonard (Pink Floyd), Boz Scaggs, Chicago, David Crosby, Crosby, Stills & Nash.

Film Composer, Music Producer - Mich Basas

I work and work and work, until everything goes how it should be.

Creative Session Guitarist - Ruggero Catania


Pro guitarist since 1996, I played more than 40 albums and more than 1000 concerts. I am also bass player, producer, mixing engineer and label owner. That's the reason why I have a global vision of the song and of the album. It helps me to focus on the guitar parts, being conscious of what kind of arrangement the song would need.

Record Label Services - ZIMANSKY


Production | Mixing | Guitar - Ellis.


Passionate producer, audio engineer and guitar player with a discerning ear and a drive to ensure my work meets 100% of the clients' needs. I have a BA Honours in Commercial Music Production and Extended Diploma in Music Performance and I'm currently studying a Masters in Popular Music Practice.

I am a session musician - Daniel McBride

Im excited to approach this community with and open mind and to work with amazing people doing amazing things. All I wanna do is make the artist happy and have them feeling there project is completed or I have added something that expands it and is unique to the sound of that artist.

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