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Mixing, Mastering,Producing - BLONDE BOY

I know what people want to here, its not about what you say in a song its about how you deliver it. What kind of experience are you offering the listener. Why should they stop and give a second of their time to listen to your song. Working together I can guide you in that direction and i'll only work with people who I genuinely find intriguing

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Rock,Blues,50’s Session guitar - Riccardo Sgnaolin

I will record guitar for your projects. I really like many kind of music especially rock, blues, surf, rockabilly.

Pianist, Electronic Producer - Fat Cloud Studio


I'm a pianist and synthesist with 30+ years of experience. Music is my first language! I can put the soul in any music you'll give me, with emotion and professionally. I'm fluent in almost every genre but I excel in the intimate, romantic, evocative, epic and somber moods. Or I can play like anyone you'll want!

Session Guitarrist, Producer - Eduardo Mercuri

www.youtube.com/eduardomercurimusic www.instagram/dumercuri

Music Producer, Composer - Enrico Solazzo

Work for Alex Britti, Franco Califano, Max Pezzali, Renato Carosone, Riccardo Cocciante, Stefano Di Battista, Amedeo Minghi, Fabrizio Moro, Jazzbit, Antonio Faraò, Fontella Bass, Fabrizio Bosso, Tollak Ollensted, Dennis Chambers, Giorgio Panariello, Vinnie Colaiuta, Michael Thompson, Humberto Gatica, Gary Grainger, Bireli Lagrene and others.

Mixing in studio and live - Riccardo Parravicini

Sound Engineer & Producer in studio and live for many artists with over 20 years of experience. Mixing is my life, Produce is my passion and Live music is my love.

Production/ Mixing Studio - Willow Six Studio

The Willow Six Studio is a brand new studio based in France. Our services: - Ghost production (House, Minimal, Micro, Rominimal, 90s House, Drum n Bass, Techno...) - Mix Engineering. - Composition, Production and Sound Design for Film/ Advert/ Tv shows.

Guitarist (Rhythm and Lead) - GNM

Writer, Producer, and Instrumentalist

Eclectic Italian Bass player  - Andrea Lamacchia

Double bass player, he plays w/ Vinicio Capossela, the best Italian folksinger actually and has recorded with him for Universal Music with Marc Ribot, Alessandro Stefana, Jim White (P.J. Harvey). His goal is to bring contemporary techniques for double bass into popular music while respecting the composition, his style and what the music requires.

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