Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Richie Arndt

Recording Studio, Mixing,  - FOX MUSIC STUDIOS

Fox Music Studios - Recoding, Mixing, Mastering: Analog or Digital. Our goal is to create your sound with the help of our producers, vocal coaches, musicians. Our Equipment has the highes level.

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Session Guitarist, MIX &Master - Dom Santoro

Guitarist, Producer, Mixing and Mastering engineer, Arranger, Full Song Instrumental production.

Mixing & Live Sound - Ricardo Escalante

Hi, my name is Ricardo and I chose to go into the audio industry from my love of music. From a young age I was taken to church since my family is a Christian Family. I started to learn piano when I was about 11 years old and from there, I explored through Audio mixing in The LA Film School.

Italian Pro Opera Singer + - Erica Cortese


MEZZOSOPRANO, born and trained in the country of Belcanto, gifted with an extraordinary instrument, 3 octaves range of a powerful, warm and round voice.

Vocalist  - JOVVI

Talented Nashville pop artist Jovvi. Most requested vocalist for pop tracks and sync projects for TV/FILM.

Mix Punk, Rock & Metal music - Nico Alvarez Productions

PROVIDE A MODERN AND MASIVE SOUND. Pop-Punk, Punk-Rock, Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Metalcore, Deathcore, dJent.

Editing - Learnersdeck

LearnersDeck is all about managing your incorrectly formatted and disorganized documents. We are skilled and qualified to perfect your work. Hire Experts

Musician and Producer  - Nikita Valeyev

Здравствуйте, помогу вам с качественным звуком вашего минуса, доведём до ума на слушабельный уровень, на высокий уровень. Будет очень плотная и насыщенная работа в сотрудничестве с вами! Также продаю драмкиты, готовые платные пресеты и продаю песни, минуса.

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