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Music producer - Exod

Beatmaker, producer in France, I'm exporting to abu dabi with the sky as the only limit

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 - Ben Reece

I have just moved to Berlin from Seattle, USA to experience performing music for an entirely new set of ears. Music is my life and I intend to keep it that way by balancing my own original band, singing and playing cover songs, jazz gigs, solo classical gigs as well as any studio work I can get my hands on.

Songwriter - Clinton


I'm a singer/songwriter based in regional Australia - about 6 hours drive west from Sydney. I love writing and with not much else to do I've got plenty of time for music.

Music Composer and Producer - Luca Fagagnini

I help people to make their creative vision to become real.

Producer, Mixer, Mastering - Leifur Orn

I want to help you achieve the sound that you're looking for!

Producer and Mixing Engineer  - Heinrich

I will take your song to Top 20 standards with focus, clarity, punch and fullness!

Guitarist, artist, singer - Zent Prozent

Visual artist and music creator

Remote Mixing, Session Drums - Dustin Roberts

Being a part of the music business in such a diverse town as Nashville, TN has taught me how to honor any song with just what is needed for multiple genres. Whether you need drums/percussion added to your music or you have a great song that deserves a great mix I can help you achieve that.

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