Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Ron Thall/Bumblefoot

Live Sound Engineer | FOH - Sever Staicu HEARITFEELITMIXIT

My job is very simple...I basically have to amplify the artist's vision of sound...in the most accurate possible way. The crowd (audience) want to hear the artist, NOT the live sound engineer...in most cases, the artist that they grow up with and subconsciously they know the artist's sound...and they want to listen to that familiar sound.

Bass Player/Musician - Paul Briscoe

Hi, my name is Paul and I have been playing Bass Guitar professionally for 27 years and I'm a native Brooklynite. I'm a versatile, easy going player that loves the music creating process and handles each client with priority and professionalism while still having fun. Ego is not in my vocabulary....I'm about the music!

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'Post-Production', 'Composer' - Jason Motoyama

I'm a freelance engineer and musician. I've worked on short film projects, and studio work for album production. 2013 I joined Pinnacle College "Music Production and Recording Arts" to further my knowledge. December 18th 2014 I will have an AA Degree in Audio Engineering. Seeking Post-Production, Sound Design, Editing, and Music Composition work.

Audio Mastering - BackBeat Sound Design

BackBeat Sound Design is a professional recording studio in Chattanooga, TN, US. We work remotely with clients all over the world to master their tracks.

Music Producer - Kenny

First song got 30k plays and second got 43k plays on Soundcloud.

Mixing Engineer - Aaron Berman

3X Grammy Nominated (2021) Mixing Engineer

Producer, mixing, mastering - Yarne Heylen

Yarne Heylen is a Belgium based producer/musician who works mostly in the extreme metal genre. With his earliest productions going back as far as 2011 and being a member of the death metal tank called CARNATION since 2013, Yarne is sure to deliver great value to your music with his experience

Musician, Session Guitarrist - Mateo Ratto


the guitar has to speak to the song


Unique soft voice

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