Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Ruiz Miranda

Pianist, MIDI and Backtracking - Fabio Muscas


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Music producer & Beatmaker - Caio Formiga

I'am a dj and music producer focus on making beats and edits!

Music Producer - Riccardo Caprotti

I've a Recording Studio & Production named BUREAU STUDIOS in Milan, Italy. 10 y exp Ghostprod and Dj producer in my Town and all around the world. Also graduate in Pro Audio Engineer At CPM Music Institute (Premiata Forneria Marconi School) in Milano.


Singer, top liner, songwriter and performer based in London. I specialise in writing top-lines for songs, especially electronic music and rock/pop. Have had songs signed to major labels worldwide and collaborated with incredibly talented artists.

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Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Henning@Xpoint1

3D audio mixes. From Dolby Digital© (5.1), binaural Headphone 3D, to Dolby Atmos©, to 11.1 immersive soundexperiences. Stem-mastering Online- (Remote-) Recording and -Directing

Record/mix engineer, producer - Dylan Stoute

One stop shop. Recording, mixing, vocal producer, sound design, etc. Base of operations: Premier Studios (Times Square, NYC)

Mix and Master Engineer - Phase Audio

As a qualified Mix and Master Engineer, I’ve been helping clients of all kinds perfect their sound. Whether I’m working on a one-off single or a concept album, I’m a hands-on engineer devoted to quality. I’m capable of meeting a wide range of demanding client requests. Visit my website for more info: https://phaseaudioproducti.wixsite.com/home

I am A Singer, song writer - Lena The Goddess

Hello my name is Sherlena Ward my stage name is Lena The Goddess. I am a singer,rapper, song writer looking to write for artists in need of help.

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