Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with "Sainma" Telugu short film

Audio Post Prod & Mixing - Tapeloop Productions

Tapeloop Productions is a team of Sound Recordists and Musicians, who specialise in the art of Recording & Sound Design.

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Remote Mixing & Mastering,  - Roy Nadel

I like it when a song sounds good. I like it even better if the sound fits the song. Be it a crystal clean, meticulously polished mix or a sloppy distorted over the top mix and everything in between, naturally. Let me hear your influences, share a bit about yourself, what you hope to achieve and let me get a sense of your musical taste.

Mix,Master,Production,REMIX - BigJerr

Ableton Certified Trainer Instructor at Icon Collective All around nice guy

Hip Hop Music Producer - Tornadic Beats

Hip Hop Beats Rap Beats Trap Beats Music Production

vocalist and songwriter  - Bronwyn Silk

If you want a killer song with killer lyrics I'm your girl.

Recording, Drummer, Mastering - Ben Biggins

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Multi-instrumentalist/producer - Tim Marchand

Need parts or full songs recorded, written, arranged or mixed?

Mastering (Full Analog or VST) - Steinberg Mastering

It is a day's work to master a track, for an experienced engineer. It is a surgical procedure that requires attention to every frequency, transient, effect, instrument, and vocal. Then sleep on it, and back to polish the diamond again when the ears are re-charged. It is not possible to do a pro mastering, by a renowned engineer, for peanuts.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Kiro Ruby

If you need honest work for less money, you should consider me! I have been singing and songwriting since I was 15. Now that I have been taught by industry professionals in Birmingham City University, I am confident that I can make your recorded music sound the best it can!

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