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Producer, Mixing, Mastering - Audio Mastering

I will work to your project with passion

Recording, Mixing & Mastering  - Mike Rivera


You put a lot of care into your art, I'll do the same. Let me help enhance your sound and bring your music to life!

Mixing Engineer - Pete Wanca

Mix Engineer with wide array of influences. I will work with you to understand the vision and goal you have for your art. I specialize in relating to artists to elevate their music to the next level.

Singer/ Lyricist  - Alexus Rodriguez

Poetic punchlines. Crazy Melodies. Angelic Voice

Recording, Mixing, Live Mixing - Andrew Adams

My goal is to support the artist's vision and serve their music. It's about the music for me and I believe that if I've done my job correctly you'll never think about the mix, you will love the song.

Producer, guitarist, drummer.  - Noah Zelle

I am a producer & multi instrumentalist from Ontario Canada. Currently playing drums in Monach, Guitar & Vocals in Livetwice, and associated with Shock Goth Records.

Producer / Singer-Songwriter - Cheba Blendl

Singer-Songwriter and Producer specialized in Latin-American genres, Pop, Rock and Film Music. You can check my work and hopefully we can work together. <3 Graduated in Composition and Musicology from Trinity College of Music, member of "Sociedad de Autores y Compositores de México" and a music and lyrics lover.

Mixing Engineer, Tonmeister - Aaron Seitz

I'm a professional mixing engineer and music producer with a university degree in Tonmeister (sound engineering & creative producing) and a degree in Jazz Piano. I have lots of experience on and off stage in different genres of music. My expertise ranges from writing/producing to mixing and mastering.

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