Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Spin Media

Producer/Engineer/Studio Owner - Stephen Kurpis

Vitruvian Sound was built to provide a safe harbor for creatives of all stripes to work in a serious manner. This studio is a crossroads of technical resources and knowledge. It is a hub for artists to finalize their expressive output. It is a place where quality tools are not dismissed as unattainable luxuries, nor held in blind reverence, but

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recording & mixing studio  - A&V Recording Studio

Hello everyone, I am a sound engineer from France who graduated from Full Sail University. I have been recording and mixing as a freelance sound engineer since 2010. I built a home recording studio in 2011 and since then I have been receiving artists from many genres. My dream: having an entire wall of outboard gear !

Producer esp. for songwriters - Izaäk Smit

Hi I'm Izaäk and I'm a producer and singer-songwriter. I like to look at songs with the aim of fulfilling its potential: does it need a band arrangement, strings? I can write those, or get a band together from my wide ranging network of professional musicians. I'm also the live guitarist and b-vocalist for a songwriter I produced for.

Multimedia Production - Book of Diesel

Let's make your next project shine as bright as your ambition.

Editing/mixing/mastering/tune  - Luan Santiago

I like natural sounding less compressed mixes. But I'll pump it to the maximum if you want to.

Mastering, Production, Mixing - Titan Mastering

Professional mix and mastering with over a decade of experience in the electronic and band music industry. We have mixed and mastered music for releases on labels such as Natura Viva, Swerve Digital, Nightshift Records, DAZE, Digital Groove and many more.

Songwriter - Jack Rollen

Jack Rollen Is A Professional African(Ugandan) Music Producer, Singer-Rapper-Songwriter, Poet And Author.

Sound Engineer - Roger Arola

Hey! My name is Roger Arola, I am a music producer and sound engineer. I am currently studying audiovisual systems engineering and collaborating with several companies providing high-quality audiovisual content. With my expertise over the last years in the music industry, I strive to create, mix and master captivating audio for my clients.

Músico, Dj y Productor - Einner Ante Rosales

Productor y compositor musical y audiovisual, cantante de música urbana, disk-jockey, bailarín, presentador y locutor.

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