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Mix, Mastering & Production  - Andrea Saidu


15 years in producing music. Modern songwriters drive their productions very far, I'll take them "till the end"

Audio Recording and Mixing - Flocky Productions

I am a heavily ambitious freelance audio engineer who loves to contribute to rising artists and being an asset to virtually any audio project.

I make the music you want. - Javen Yap

Stop! Yes, you are at the right place, after scrolling through many different profile on the page, still not sure which producer you should choose to work with? Hi, this is Javen, I'm a Music Composer, Producer, Sound-designer. I've been making music for more than 10 years, and still passionate about it, I will satisfy all your need.(with my music)

Remix artist dance/electronica - Hyperspace Productions

I'm one of two people in the world that can recreate the Cylon voice from the old Battlestar Galactica series.

Music Producer/Engineer  - Mywaveyard Music

At Mywaveyard, We are moved by the art of creativity. A movement forward is who we are. “So what moves you?”

Remote Mixing & Mastering - The Mixing Room Studio

Bring your song to the next level and standout from the crowd. We offer mixing and mastering services from our hybrid studio equipped with the best of analog and digital worlds.

Artist, Songwriter, Producer - TR Sun


My name is TR Sun I am a hip hop artist/vocalist, songwriter, producer and engineer based in Los Angeles. I primarily make hip hop and R&B music, but my specialty is really anything futurist and genre bending. I love incorporating elements of different styles into my songs and using my voice as more than a tool to deliver lyrics but an instrument!

Producer/Mixer/Songwriter - GGWayss

Ambient/underwater PRO. Songwriter with 100+ songs. Mixer and Producer. NYU Music essential certificate.

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