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Audio Engineering (record&mix) - Anas Alsbey

Critical Listening, Dry Mixes, Drum Mixes, Wet Mixes, Creative Mixes, Solo Recordings, Band Recordings, DAW Assignments, Mix Down, Radio Jingles and Post Productions...

I'm a Guitarist  - Gabriel Al-Botros

I'm a guitarist .. I studied at the higher institute of music in Damascus .. I have Experience in Composition and make arrangements for Songs and I'm member in orontes Guitar Quartet and Syrian Baroque Soloists

Music Producer, mixing  - Hayg Geozu

I can make a full production around a bare bones song you have. If you are a solo artist and want a band or Solo Artist production, i am your guy. I will mix and master your songs whether they are fully recorded elsewhere or music we have collaborated on.

Musica production, mix - Alessandro Marchetti

I have not won prizes. i'm not famous. I have only forged my style by working with music since I was 16 years old. I'm the arranger you're looking for if you play pop or indie. I'm the one who makes you say "wow" when you listen to your new song. I have worked with artists such as Sigur Ros, Belle and Sebastian, Syria, The Disorder Of Things.

'Modern Music Production' - Lane Terzieff


I work together with artists to do something outside the box and unique to their genre, that can also stand up to the modern standard of the artists they align themselves with. We will design a sound that is yours. We will work until it stands up to modern trends and radio quality. And we will enjoy the process of making your track hit just right.

Executive producer. - Milliennial

I'm here to produce your next hit! follow my lead as your producer to achieve the next hit level in your music career.

Music Producer Arabian Sounds - George Athanas

George Athanas is a film score composer and music producer His works are notable for integrating oriental Arabic music sounds with traditional orchestral arrangements. Since 2010, Athanas has composed music for over 25 artists, 3 films, and 2 documentaries.

Ney and Kawala player (flutes) - Mohamad Fityan


Hi¡ I’m a professional Nay and Kawala player, and I have been playing the Nay and Kawala for more than 20 years. After my music got a millions of views on social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook I got a lot of assignments for recording sessions for Nay and Kawala, so I just decided to start here and cooperate with more clients :).

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