Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with the badlees

Creative music making - Eight Days A Week

We record, mix and master many genres of music. Our creative and talented staff write, record and produce music that spans genres and has been featured nationally on record labels and in TV and film.

Arranging, Recording, Mixing - Eight Days A Week

Eight Days A Weeks is an artist centric music production studio.

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Recording-Mixing-Production. - Mark Dressler

Mark 'Drezz' Dressler is a recording engineer and producer from Bristol, UK. he's been recording and producing for over 20 years and has recorded many records with artists such as Dubi Dolczek, Count Bobo, Alabaster De Plume, Daniel Inzani, The Spindle Ensemble, The Evil Usses, Cloudshoes, Leonie Evans, Paddy Steer and many more....

 - Jeremy Stephens

Jeremy Stephens is a music producer/mixing engineer working out of a privately owned studio in North Alabama, located between Muscle Shoals and Huntsville, Alabama.

Editing - Mixing - Mastering - The Flagship Studios

Flagship Studios is a full spectrum audio and recording studio, providing compelling sound for film and music for clients worldwide.

Multi Platinum Mix Engineer - Steve “The Sauceman” Hybicki

Over 40 Million records sold. Get major label professional mixing and mastering for independent artist prices!

Songwriter - Richard

Specialise in melodies and lyrics

POP MUSIC - Paola Michelle

Hello, I am looking to connect with people with a taste that I would like to be working with, I would love to know a little about their work!!

Letrista,Poeta todoslosgeneros - Daniela Paredes

Trabajo sin derechos de autor, ya que esto se me hace mucho mas facil asi tengo especialización en letras musicales,y en poesía puedo componer letras de canciones en todos los géneros incluyendo el hip hop.

Rock Session Guitarist - Matt Dias


I've been playing for nearly 17 years and have played with several bands including Winnipeg based noise punk group the Inflatable Band and Winnipeg based folk musicians Devon Nickerson and Brendan Simard.

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