Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with The Fever Haze

Multi-Instrumental&Mix/Master - Jake Kalmink - The Stooge

Real, natural mixes and instrument tracks. Specialized in indie-rock/alt-country/soul

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 - Audio Addiction Studios

We are a small, unique and passionate outfit with oodles of experience and even more dedication to the absolute finest in audio post-production, mixing and mastering. We also employ professional musicians who can help give some pro-advice and finishing touches to your production. Have a snoop around our site and book your mix or master now.

productor musical  - dimelauro

Soy un productor de musica que compone tambien. Para tu mejor comodidad y confianza chequea mi playlist con Mis producciones: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4my4vnr59p8TjORTiqxohr?si=_p2lwTqyRZiMrBEP8VJMLQ Mi perfil como artista. https://open.spotify.com/artist/6jf90HKr9vgFgKaQ2iHGHJ?si=tQyqcdbIR-mZemw_gnJFiw

Recording, producing, M&M  - AaronDugud

Award winning, major media placements (mtv etc). I have been in the music industry for about 8 years but even longer in the studio. Started off with HipHop/Rnb which I am still awesome at but now progressed into the sound of the motherland, Afrobeats.

Dj & Producer - Kris-Dur

Dj & Producer Progressive House

Audio and Music - Rob G Audio and Music

Multi instrumentalist Composer and Mix/Master Engineer

Individualized Remote Mixing - Drew Boals


Individualized, Emotive Remote Mixing - No standard chains - Every song deserves its own special attention. Focused Genres: Rock, Metal, Alternative. Goal with every mix: To maximize emotion.

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