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Female Vocalist - Sophia Dean

I'm a female vocalist, classically trained for 20 years, love to sing jazz, pop, classical, folk, really anything with a melody.

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Online Mixing & Mastering - Van Peethoven Studio

Mixing/Mastering Engineer on small home studio with an ear for music.

Mixing and Mastering.  - Toolmakers Recording Studio

I’m a professional mixing and mastering engineer and I specialises in tight, big, clear, and punchy. I usually aim for a really in your face hard hitting sound somewhere between polished and a raw rock sound.

Music Producer (Hip-hop & DnB) - Obscure

I need talented and down to earth MC's to spit on home-made hip-hop instrumentals and varied instrumentalists happy to work together and be sampled in a creative and collaborative way.

Singer/Songwriter/piano player - Weston Wold

I've been singing and songwriting for many years and have a wide range of genres under my belt. I've worked with Rap artists, Country, Soul, R&B and so on... The first song I ever released got more than 100k plays in less than six months and I can give you tips and trick as to how to get the best outcome possible with your music.

Cover Artist + Original Vocals - Eli

I've been singing since I was a baby in the crib. My passion for music has grown into a soul-searching journey. I can effortlessly learn songs to perform for covers, and I can create and bring original lyrics to life. I'm just a small town girl with big dreams ; let's all reach these dreams together. <3

Music Producer, and Engineer - Aashh

I have my own melody inspired style, and I use efficient sound design with rigorous music theory. I create every sound that goes into my track, and make sure that each and every aspect of the track is perfect.

Write ,Produce ,Mixing + More! - The David Way


I've opened up for Chris Brown, T-Pain, and Joe Jonas as an artist. Did remixes for Usher, Celine Dion, and Alicia Keys. I can create a HIT single for you from scratch to finish. I have 23-years of experience as a singer/rapper, songwriter, producer, mixing engineer. Our studio has recorded many legendary artists (check description).

Cellist, Pianist & composer  - Mariano Camarasa

I can record your melodies, compose original music and arrange with a good sound.

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