Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with YFN Kay

Music Producer & Engineer - Mileage

Music Producer and Engineer that specializes in working with rap, pop & R&B music!

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Recording/Mixing Engineer  - Brotherman

15 Year Recording/Mixing Engineer Specialties: Hiphop Demo Recording and Professional Mixtape Production

Producer - MR Salas

Thanks to all people for commnent and follow m

Engineer/Producer/Songwriter - Endeavor Productions

Hey guys! My name is Jesse Bergeron and I have been in the recording industry for over 10 years. I have worked with over 85 bands/musicians. I want to bring the best out of you and capture memorable moments.

Songwriter / Topline / Trumpet - Jamison


I am a songwriter and artist based in Nashville, TN. I have an extensive background in music. I primarily write pop, singer/songwriter, and EDM, but I also write in a variety of sub-genres too!

 - Nickita

Nickita is a singer songwriter from Hertfordshire. She has written for many Sony artists in the UK, Japan & Italy. Having worked with some big names in the industry, she has a wealth of experience with both songwriting and performing. Nickita is known for her huge vocal range, being compared with the likes of Mariah Carey & Christina Aguilera.

Songwriter-Vocalist-Topliner - Shira Neshama

I am a trained vocalist for over 10 years, and have my own solo work out along with other collaborations. My song writing abilities are not limited in genre. I always try to see the vision of each individual artist in what they are looking for in their music, because I believe each song is meant to tell a story.

Newbie Serbian Synth Player - Yoan Dinkov

Making account just for the freebies

 - DJ Radda

Specified on AudioDrinks, DJ Radda is able to offer a unique way to enjoy their music: by sipping on a delicious, refreshing sound that is designed to enhance the flavor and depth of the beats. AudioDrinks is a premium beverage brand music that is all about drinks designed to enhance the listening experience.

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