Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Zaru Aura

Remote Mixing and Mastering - ReehVerb

If you need Professional Mixing and Mastering , I'm your guy . Need a male vocalist ? I'm Here . want to add some Saxophone and piano solos and backing , You have it all .

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 - Gaston Besada

Recording, mixing and mastering

Compose, play, perform, record - Michael Haephrati

I am a musician and a composer. I have several tracks and music pieces published. I use an MPC-X, Roland Integra 7 and a Roland drums and keyboard. I can provide you with sound tracks, midi files or any composition and performance work. https://soundcloud.com/haephrati/tracks

Recording/Editing/Mix Engineer - Chase Ryan

After 14 years of working in the industry and a degree in audio engineering, I've had the pleasure of working in every facet of the audio industry. I've worked for all the Artists listed below as well as work for film/television clients such as Lionsgate, Disney, Grindstone, Lifetime, Mar Vista, Collins Avenue, EQtainment, and more.

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hire - Bajrang Transport

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